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The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

Claim Registered Land Next to Your Land: An Exception

Council land, being classed as Crown land, normally requires 30 years of possession before a claim will be accepted for processing. That being said, even if the land is registered, if the claimer owners the land directly adjacent to the land looking to be acquired, the requirements are lower. The requirements are: the adversely possessed […]

Adverse Possession: The Necessary Intention to Possess

A core tenant of Adverse Possession is the requirement to prove intention to possess. This has been established as shown in case law, as shown below: “not an intention to own or even an intention to acquire ownership but an intention to possess.” – Buckinghamshire County Council v Moran [1988], “This means the intention, in […]

Unclaimed Land Videos: Cambridge City Demo Map to View Unregistered Land Adverse Possession Hey there! In this video, I’ll be giving you a demo of our free mapping service at I’ll show you how to access our product, explore unregistered land plots, and discuss the process of adverse possession. Keep an eye out for interesting areas, like abandoned land and plots between railway lines. Remember, always […]

Unclaimed Land Videos: Exploring Adverse Possession and Rights of Way Hi there! In this video, I’ll be discussing adverse possession and rights of way in relation to unregistered land in England and Wales. I’ll explain how footpaths and highways can affect your claim and provide an overview of the different types of rights of way. It’s important to consult a lawyer before engaging in […]

Adverse Possession & Small Plots: Does Size Matter?

Does size matter when claiming land for free with adverse possession?  Of course, not legally but practically size is very important when looking for abandoned plots of land to claim with adverse possession. As we have covered before, undertaking an adverse possession claim is a lot of work. Therefore, you want to make sure, when […]

Adverse Possession: How and When Do I Claim Title Deeds

So you have found some land, claimed it and occupied it for many years. Now you want to begin the claiming process but not sure how long you need to wait or how to start a claim.  This article looks over these questions and helps point out readers in the right directions. Of course, as […]

Adverse Possession: What to Do After Finding Abandoned Land?

So you have found a piece of abandoned land, confirmed with Unclaimed Land Maps that it is unregistered (Purchase a subscription to access our unregistered land maps here) and have checked with a legal professional. What should you do now? How can you use the land for your own use whilst maximising your chances that […]

How to Find Abandoned Land: Tips for Searching

Did you know you can claimed land in the UK for free with adverse possession? Unregistered land is the easiest type of land to claim and Unclaimed Land can help you on your journey. To view more infomation on the basics of adverse possession have a look at our page here. In order to take […]

Unclaimed Land v2.0: Missing Rights of Way Data

Our latest version of Unclaimed Land code, Unclaimed Land v2.0, includes rights of way data for England & Wales. We use data from our sister website, RightsOfWay.UK, to provide our subscribers with a quick way of checking if a prospective plot has a path on it. Do you know rights of way effect adverse possession? […]

Unclaimed Land v2.0 is Here

We have just updated all our maps at Unclaimed Land UK. All of our maps are now running on Unclaimed Land v2.0 code which has introduced more features and improved user experience. Have a look at our new features overview below. Faster Maps We have done a lot of work tidying up our code and […]