Mapping Every Meter of Unregistered Land in England & Wales.

The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

What is Unregistered Land?

Whether you are interested in breathing new life into abandoned land or growing your land portfolio, adverse possession can be a fun, fulfilling and profitable endeavour. However, the trick is finding truly abandoned land. You do not want to be trying to fence off an active farmers field! Since abandoned land is generally unregistered (but not vice-versa) our product can help you.

Unregistered land in England and Wales is not registered with HM Land Registry. This means the ownership details are also unknown. Adverse Possession is a legal act in which an individual gains the title deeds for land by squatting on the land in question for a certain number of years. Unregistered land generally has lower adverse possession requirements which is where our product comes in.


What is our Product?

Our unique mapping product painstakingly maps out every single meter of unregistered land in England and Wales. UK law allows individuals the right to claim ownership of land and property provided the individual has occupied the land continuously for a set period. Our maps can help match you with unregistered land.

Using land registry data, we are able to combine and simplify the map using a number of highly complex operations. Our product is then uploaded onto our custom server for our subscribers to view online. No messing around with Google Earth or downloading any files. Looking for unregistered land in England and Wales? We can save you plenty of time (and months of IT frustration)!

Abandoned field in the countryside.

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For a monthly subscription you can gain access to our set of online interactive maps mapping out all unregistered land in England and Wales*. We also help our users with the basics of adverse possession to aid prospective claimers in their journey towards claiming some land.

Unregistered land means the land owner has not registered the property with HM Land Registry. It, of course, is no guarantee that the land is abandoned. In fact land owned by the Crown, the government or by large estates is often unregistered. It does, however, mean when you occupy the land for the required number of years, the land registry is generally unable to notify the previous land owners when you come to claim title deeds given that information is missing. The probability of land being abandoned is also higher for unregistered than registered land. An evening with our product and street view often provides some valuable results.

Naturally, this advice is no substitute to legal advice which must be sought prior to purchasing our package and engaging in an adverse possession. Our product is no guarantee of a successful land acquisition. We take no responsibility for any ramifications of an adverse possession and are simply offering a mapping service to aid in your journey.


Our standard pricing for the product is £49.95pm for the full set of maps however we are currently offering a launch deal with subscriptions from just £29.95. Our product has taken nearly 9 months to craft. The maps require intensive data analysis, using a top spec server cluster, to calculate and also need updating on a frequent basis. Just hosting the map requires beefy servers to provide you with access to the huge map. We hand craft all servers used to ensure we have complete control of our product and can maintain great user experience. However hosting the map also requires expensive servers to maintain. To try this task at home requires a lot of IT knowledge and months of calculations, downloading and coding. Our subscription product is ready out the box for immediate use and offers great value for money.

Recent Developements

We have completed all maps covering England and Wales and have opened our complete subscription range for purchase. All features are now operational and ready for use. We are looking to upload Scottish and Northern Irish maps in the coming months. (27 Dec.)