Mapping Every Meter of Unregistered Land in England & Wales.

The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

Adverse Possession: The Necessary Intention to Possess

A core tenant of Adverse Possession is the requirement to prove intention to possess. This has been established as shown in case law, as shown below: “not an intention to own or even an intention to acquire ownership but an intention to possess.” – Buckinghamshire County Council v Moran [1988], “This means the intention, in […]

Adverse Possession: How and When Do I Claim Title Deeds

So you have found some land, claimed it and occupied it for many years. Now you want to begin the claiming process but not sure how long you need to wait or how to start a claim.  This article looks over these questions and helps point out readers in the right directions. Of course, as […]

What Are the Risks Undertaking an Adverse Possession Claim?

 Of course, you must contact a legal professional before taking any action on your proposed plot to ensure your actions are done properly to ensure success.  Squatting in Residential Properties is illegal. Squatting in residential buildings should not be done as you can end up with a hefty fine of up to £5,000 or even 6 […]

Profit from Adverse Possession: Claim Land for Free in the UK.

You can get land completely for free in the UK through adverse possession! Sounds too good to be true – well it is a lot of work but many people do it and you can too. We can guide you in the right direction and aide with your search finding the perfect plot to claim. […]

Help the Environment by Claiming Free Land

Clearing Rubbish You can claim land for free with Adverse Possession, in England & Wales, however it is not all about profit. Adverse Possession is designed to ensure abandoned land is used productively rather as a waste tip. The best adverse possession claim, which is most likely to succeed, is one which has cleaned up […]

Can You Really Get Land For Free?

Yes! Yes you can, however the process is a little bit more complex. Learn more about claiming land for free with Unclaimed Land maps. All land in the UK can be claimed for free with adverse possession – the problem is the owner naturally has a right to kick you off the land or challenge […]

How to Claim Land in the UK

Did you know land in England and Wales can be claimed through the process of Adverse Possession? Whether you want to clear rubbish from unused waste land, help the natural environment or profit you can get land for free if you know what you are doing. Remember our advice is no substitute for professional legal […]