Mapping Every Meter of Unregistered Land in England & Wales.

The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

What do we do?

Unclaimed Land Maps provides our users with detailed maps of unregistered land in England and Wales. Unregistered land is land which is not registered with HM Land Registry and is easier to claim through Adverse Possession. Adverse possession is the legal ability for possessors to gain land for free, in England and Wales, from another owner generally when such land has been abandoned. 

So, we map out all unregistered land to aid our users on their quest to find the perfect plot of land to possess.

Our product has taken months to carefully craft using high volume data and complex programs, and processes, to come up with a product able to identify plots of any size. With a massive server powering our Unclaimed Land map product, our users can harness our lightning fast maps which are able to display aerial layers and include full zooming features.


Why Use Unclaimed Land Maps?

We are the only mapping product online which specialises in identifying unregistered land – no one else has a similar product. Trying to calculate unregistered plots yourself is an incredibly tough exercise requiring plenty of IT knowledge and time as well as a fast computer – our subscription is well worth the time savings!

You can also attempt to query online plotting sites, which also often charge, however this is a long process as plots are not highlighted. You can also use Google aerial view to find probable abandoned land however, again, this is a long process and does not guarantee that that land is unregistered (registered land is much harder to claim). With our product, your efficency is radically increased and you can quickly scope out potential plots for further investigation.

Become a Professional Adverse Claimer Today

Have a look out our live demo map of Cambridge City below to view our product in action. Alternatively, head over to the purchase page to subscribe and access our maps. Start your adverse possession journey with us today.