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The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

Hey there! In this video, I’ll be giving you a demo of our free mapping service at I’ll show you how to access our product, explore unregistered land plots, and discuss the process of adverse possession. Keep an eye out for interesting areas, like abandoned land and plots between railway lines. Remember, always consult a legal professional for advice. Enjoy the video and start your adverse possession journey today!


  • 00:02 Hello all, this is Rafe Roughton from We’re the premium mapping service for unregistered land in England and Wales Today I’m going to be showing you our demo map we have of Cambridge City Council Region It’s live on our website, it’s free to access, you don’t need a subscription You
  • 00:26 can check out our product, our service and what you would get if you are a member this just covers Cambridge City obviously members members get maps covering all of England and Wales as a standard disclaimer we are a provider of unregistered land maps in England and Wales do not take what I say or what
  • 00:51 is on our website for legal facts you must talk to a legal professional before you intend to start a claim we’re just a provider of unregistered land maps we’re not legal professionals so lets have a look at, lets have a look at the map if you head over to thats our website at the
  • 01:18 top of the site, at the top of the home page you should see a green button saying demo map if you just click on it so that brings us, that brings us to the Cambridge City Council unregistered land map page you can see there’s a lot of polygons which are in filled, filled red these are all the unregistered
  • 01:51 land plots in the region, in the council region if you want to turn off turn off the polygons just just click there you know fairly simple a useful tool we have a premium tool is aerial view which is very useful when you’re looking for abandoned land aerial view and google street view will be one of
  • 02:23 your biggest assets you can search from your desk and here it is here is here is all the polygons of course you can see a lot of roads are unregistered it should come as no surprise you can’t register roads you can’t adverse possess roads they’re highways and highways in general are strictly out of the
  • 02:54 question if its a footpath or right of way you can claim around the edges for example if you had a field with a footpath running through it you would have to claim around the edges of the footpath so you might have a one two meter strip going through your field which you can’t claim the road obviously
  • 03:24 you can claim up to the road you cant claim the road you cant claim the public highway that is an essential element of the law you can see there’s also a lot of other land which is unregistered another important element of UK law is all land has owners unregistered land, unclaimed land, it has an owner
  • 03:53 just means unregistered land just means that the details of the owner are not held by the land registry so the land registry most likely don’t know who owns the land there’s some cases where they might but its unlikely with registered land all the details are on file when you come to claim the process
  • 04:17 for unregistered land and unregistered land is slightly different so with unregistered land you have to wait 12 years before you submit an adverse possession claim with unregistered land it is only 10 years but once the 10 year point once you reach the 10 year point to submit the claim the land registry
  • 04:43 will send a notice to the owners they have on file saying that someone is intending to possess your land do you wish to challenge them?
  • 04:54 I believe they have a 6 month 6 month window 2 challenge maybe even longer actually at which point they just have to challenge it say they’re challenging it and then they get a time period where they have to get you off the land if they don’t they can challenge it again its quite a long process for registered
  • 05:15 land the likelihood that it will succeed is much less than unregistered land so if unregistered land after 12 years they dont know who the owner is most likely they might as well send a notice to parties they believe would be interested but the reality is if your case is strong you’ve got a much higher
  • 05:42 chance of getting that land once the time period is up I mean things like the Cambridge University library its unregistered it obviously isnt abandoned its got an owner you couldnt fence it off of course so you need to use the data we have here to look what looks abandoned and then you know target that
  • 06:17 abandoned land does tend to be unregistered the whole registration process is relatively new and some abandoned land i’ve seen which has probably been abandoned for many decades so you want to be targeting those kind of plots again clare hall that’s that’s not about the rivers are quite an interesting
  • 06:45 one the banks of rivers the islands they might be an interesting one interesting target again you need to talk to a legal professional so lets switch to aerial here now thats still a road of course cambridge city is going to be a long shot you might find abandoned land, abandoned properties, you’ve got
  • 07:14 to be very careful with properties though residential properties, it is illegal to squat in them you do not want to be doing that what you want to do it is possible to possess properties, buildings just make sure it isnt residential and if you intend to do something like that you really must talk to
  • 07:43 a lawyer to make sure you’re not liable for any criminal cases so that’s very important land is much less less strict as you can see see.
  • 08:09 It is, it’s a city, it’s quite difficult. You might, you quite likely find small abandoned plots between buildings, that’s very good chance.
  • 08:22 You need to have local knowledge to be able to do that or street view really As you can see our mapping service, it runs on a very fast geo-server So we’ve got a lot of infrastructure backing up this map So it is really very fast to load uhm Such a big data set It does a very good job So youre all ready
  • 09:00 to go On your adverse possession journey With our product Someone like Somewhere like here looks interesting If we scroll down a bit more I don’t know what’s happening there but Uuuhm These plots near motorways are very very interesting You quite often get a lot of abandoned land Between railway lines
  • 09:26 Motorways Obviously make sure you’re not trespassing on motorways or railway lines But by on the other side of the barrier You do quite often get land which has just been left behind Forgotten about These plots look quite interesting What you need to make sure youre doing Is checking with the local council
  • 09:52 Do a freedom of information request If land is owned by the council Owned by the government, by the crown, by churches as well And I believe theres probably a few other cases You have to wait 35 years at least So you dont really want to be targeting those plots of land Unless you have a lot of time on
  • 10:15 your hands So if these plots here turn out to be, turn out not to be owned by the council then they might be quite interesting Before we continue though, we want to be making sure Yes, they do have paths on them, so is that a highway, is that a public right of way?
  • 10:44 To check for rights of way, head over head over to our sister project this is a free map mapping service we provide, which has, with some exceptions, we’re still, we’re still building it up, but it has most of the regions in England and Wales, uhm.
  • 11:10 And it lists every single public and it lists every single public right of the way for the regions it covers London London’s different, London doesn’t have a right of way map so there is no right of ways to display thats what, thats harder but as you can see we cover most of the UK we’re still filling
  • 11:33 in some gaps but if we scroll down to Cambridge and lets see if if that that plot slam we saw had a public right of way going through it right so it was here now as you can see it is a public right of way just click it’s a bridal way so bridal ways I believe it’s free 3 metres and these are average whips
  • 12:16 , whips can vary depending on the ground circumstances it isn’t a solid single whip they can be different in each case but its a bridal way and that bridal way goes all the way to maddingley road so if we go back if we go back to the unclaimed land maps yeah, as you can see this one here is effectively
  • 12:51 following uhm following the bride away so you wouldn’t be able to claim you wouldn’t be able to claim that in all likelihood no you wouldnt so but we go back to here this is the bride away however it’s a lot wider than the path you can see the path is there these sections here you might be able to launch
  • 13:32 an adverse possession claim upon they’re quite small but maybe you’re interested maybe they’re littered filled area i dont know it may be quite these are exactly the kind of plots you want to be looking for youre not going to get any big plot of land with adverse possession so it is going to be plots
  • 13:55 like this so dont discount even small areas but yes you wouldnt be able to claim the land which this bridleway passes over so it would be these regions and youd also have to check is this unregistered land owned by the council by the crown by a church if it is are you willing to wait for 35 odd years
  • 14:26 to get it but as you can see our map mapping product it lists every single sliver of unregistered land this is a huge data sets to manage it took us months to calculate but it means every single sliver of land which is unregistered is on our maps ready for you to look at so it is a very very good high
  • 15:02 quality product I’m not sure what’s going on with the aerial maps there I’d like to add that is not our aerial maps, it’s someone else’s here maps I believe these plots like this here as well that might be something interesting but anyway you get the picture what our product does how our service works
  • 15:30 its I’d say its a very very good solid product which will save people looking to claim land of adverse possession lots of time if you like what you see we’ve taken a look at our map we’ve got a special deal on at the moment if you want to purchase head over to the purchase bar on the menu And our special
  • 16:02 deal, which won’t last long, is £30 a month, full unlimited access to all of our mapping services. If you just send us a message using the contact form on our website Otherwise I wish you the best of luck and look forward to dealing with you in the future