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We have just updated all our maps at Unclaimed Land UK. All of our maps are now running on Unclaimed Land v2.0 code which has introduced more features and improved user experience. Have a look at our new features overview below.

Faster Maps

We have done a lot of work tidying up our code and reducing dependencies hosted on other servers. Previously, some of our code was hosted on servers in the Netherlands. With our new version, all our code is hosted on our single main server which is based in Reading. 

We have also updated the code to make it more streamline. This means it is significantly more reliable for all users and is also massively more efficient. Our users should notice a great reduction in loading times and the time it takes for layers to load as you move the map. Overall, our maps are now a much more reliable, user friendly, product and ideal for you to scope out your next plot of land as quickly as possible.

Rights of Way

Our updated code has introduced a very exciting new feature. Using the data from our sister website, RightsOfWay.UK, our maps now load rights of way routes directly on the Unclaimed Land maps. This includes all footpaths, byways and bridleways we have on file for England and Wales. Unfortunately, some counties have not published their rights of way data online so we have been unable to include them. This is mostly cities are includes nearly all of London – all our missing counties can be view on this page. We have submitted requested to the counties which are missing so we should have that data soon. Once we do, it will be added to the rights of way layer immediately for our users to view.

Rights of way has a big effect on how an adverse possession claim can proceed. If you want more information on how rights of way can effect your claim have a look at our blog post here

View Our New Product

If you like the sound of the new features we have added check out our free live demo map of Cambridge City which is running on Unclaimed Land v2.0. Remember, to celebrate our launch, we have a special limited time deal includes access to all our Unclaimed Land maps in England and Wales for just £29.95 per month. Our maps run on high speed servers, require significant processing power to calculate and are very niche so our special deal offers great value for money. Get started on your adverse possession journey by purchasing here.