Mapping Every Meter of Unregistered Land in England & Wales.

The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

You can get land completely for free in the UK through adverse possession!

Sounds too good to be true – well it is a lot of work but many people do it and you can too. We can guide you in the right direction and aide with your search finding the perfect plot to claim. The basic premise is you must exclusively and openly occupy the land, and treat it as yours, for at least 10 years (12 yrs for unregistered land). Have a look at our article overviewing the requirements to gain a title deed for free with adverse possession. However, if you are successfully in around a decade you could be holding a high value plot of land worth many thousands of pounds. Have a look below at similar successful indivudals.

The hardest part of the journey is finding the perfect plot of land which is abandoned and unregistered. We can help you however! Our mapping service displays all the unregistered land in England and Wales even the smallest plots of just a few meters. Coupled with Google street view you should be able to find unregistered land which appears abandoned quickly. Work efficiently with our product and spent your effort working on the land rather than your PC! Have a look at our live demo map of Cambridge City and, if you like what you see, purchase our product here whilst our special offer is still live.

Successful Case Studies

Adverse possession is a proven successful method, when done correctly utilising professional legal advice, as the case studies below can illustrate:

Remember, we are programmers not lawyers so you must not take any content on this site for legal fact – everything is advisory only. You must contact a lawyer before undertaking any action at all to ensure you are not liable for costs and to ensure success.