Mapping Every Meter of Unregistered Land in England & Wales.

The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

Did you know you can claimed land in the UK for free with adverse possession? Unregistered land is the easiest type of land to claim and Unclaimed Land can help you on your journey. To view more infomation on the basics of adverse possession have a look at our page here. In order to take advantage of adverse possession, you want to find a plot of land which is actually abandoned – you do not want to meet an irate farmer as you are fencing off an active field! Anyway, how do you actually find an abandoned plot of land and what are the time saving tips for searching?


Local Knowledge

Local knowledge is perfect when looking for abandoned land. First log on to our website and access our maps (purchase a subscription here) then take a look at the map for your local area. Do you see any polygons on our map which you recognise as rough land? Is it land which has just been used as a rubbish dump, is it overgrown and weedy or is it a small plot of land between a road and a railway line? Often abandoned land is small and not connected to larger plots which means it has just been forgotten about over the years. Have a good look at every highlighted plot of land on our maps and there is a good chance you will find a small piece which you remember as a rough plot.

These plots of land are perfect for adverse possession. Yes, you will have to tidy up the land but that is perfect for when you come to submit the claim. You can prove that the land, and therefore greater community, is better in your hands compared to the prior owner which has just left that land to get into the state which you found it in. 

Though local knowledge is a useful way to find abandoned land quickly there are also other methods…

Aerial Maps

Unclaimed Land Maps includes a detailed Aerial View (using Here Maps) on all land maps. This is great for searching for abandoned land – purchase our product here to use it.

Aerial maps allow the user to view detailed satellite maps of the land. On our maps, switch from the default road map layer to the aerial layer then have a look around for a plot of highlighted unregistered land. If you notice a promising looking plot, such as a small shape next to a road or railway line which clearly does not form part it, turn off the unregistered land layer. This can be done using the same box, at the top right, which is used to switch map types. Now the unregistered land layer is off, zoom in to investigated the land. Does it look rough? Can you see it is overgrown? If so, then you may have a promising piece of abandoned land which would be perfect for claiming once you undertake further investigation. 

This is another powerful method for finding abandoned land and we provide you with the tools you need to maximise your chance of success. If you are interested in our product, and want to view a live demo of our systems the map of Cambridge City is available free of charge for all to view. This demo includes our aerial maps which we offer. If you like what you see – purchase our subscription here. We are currently offering a limited time deal to celebrate our launch – get access to all of our maps for juts £29.95pm.


Google Street View

Our final tip for finding abandoned land from your the comfort of your home is Google Street View. Google Street View is a powerful tool, available on Google Maps, which allows you to view a street as if you were walking down it online straight from your desk. This is a great way to search for abandoned land which happens to be next to a road. 

First, log on to our maps (purchase a subscription here) then have a look for unregistered plots of land next to a road. Once you find one, open up Google Maps then click on street view for the relevant location. Once it is up, have a look at the land in question. Is it overgrown or rough – then there is a good chance the land is abandoned and you can then investigate it further.

Next Steps

All the tips and tools listed here provide our users with an easy way of looking for abandoned land all from your desk. Once you have a piece of land which is shown as unregistered on our maps and looks abandoned when using the tools listed above you now need to go an investigate the plot of land further.

You can investigate the land in person, looking in from a public highway or footpath. Make sure you do not trespass, especially on dangerous motorways or railways, and do not go onto the land until you have had a conversation with a legal professional. However, in person try to look in to the land from a safe space to gauge if the land is truly abandoned and analyse if if would be a good idea to claim.


Remember, you must always talk to a legal professional before you undertake a claim. Make sure you are always safe and don’t trespass – abandoned land can be very dangerous with damaged buildings, loose electrical wires or large covered pits. You should never venture onto abandoned land unless you are 100% certain it is safe. Finally, we are programmers not legal professionals and, as such, all of the infomation we provide must be taken as tips rather than as legally binding advice. We provide a mapping service displaying all unregistered land – we do not guarantee users will find abandoned land nor will be successful with an adverse possession claim if a subscription from us is purchased. Always check with a legal professional before undertaking any action to ensure you are not doing anything illegal.