Mapping Every Meter of Unregistered Land in England & Wales.

The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

Clearing Rubbish

You can claim land for free with Adverse Possession, in England & Wales, however it is not all about profit. Adverse Possession is designed to ensure abandoned land is used productively rather as a waste tip. The best adverse possession claim, which is most likely to succeed, is one which has cleaned up a plot of land and therefore improved the local community. You will have to put the effort in to remove all the rubbish, potentially remove any invasive plants which may be causing a problem and clearing waterways for example. However, you will be doing a positive deed environmentally as well as making a small profit too – what could be better

Do you know of a piece of land covered in rubbish near you? Use our maps to see if it is unregistered and try to claim it for yourself. You will be helping the local community as well as getting some land for yourself. 


Stop Intensive Farming

The biggest users of adverse possession are farmers who often simply plough up rough land to turn into vast intensive farming fields. Before farms come an plough up the small unregistered plots of land, which are dotted across the countryside, bet them too it. Not only are the intensive fields a monoculture, and thus offer less biodiversity than the centre of our cities, they are also look terrible.  

By claiming the small woods, rough hedgerows and little meadows you can help protect nature whilst profiting too. As an example, I used my product to find a small woodland in the countryside of East Anglia. In the 1990s the woodland was twice as big however the farmers have already removed the second part and completely ploughed it. To stop that fate happening to the remaining section of woodland I have fenced and signed it off. It is a small haven for animals in the sea of soleless fields with ancient oaks and plenty of red deer. 

The satisfaction you get from claiming a piece of land to help nature and biodiversity, clean up your local community and personally profit is unparalleled. Use our product to start your adverse possession journey today. Purchase here to take advantage of our special limited time only deal or view our live demo here of Cambridge City.