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The Must-Have Map for Adverse Possession Claims.

Does size matter when claiming land for free with adverse possession? 

Of course, not legally but practically size is very important when looking for abandoned plots of land to claim with adverse possession. As we have covered before, undertaking an adverse possession claim is a lot of work. Therefore, you want to make sure, when you begin a claim, you know that you have a good chance of getting the title deeds once you come to requesting them. The best way to maximise your chances of success is looking for land which is truly abandoned.  

Looking for unregistered land is the best starting point since, generally, registered land is much less likely to be abandoned (subscribe to access our map membership showing all unregistered land in England & Wales). Once you have access to our maps, you will notice may large plots of unregistered land. Unfortunately, in most cases, these large plots of land are part of old estates which have not changed ownership in decades avoiding the relatively recent requirement to register land. 

Look for Small & Strangely Shaped Plots

Your best bet for finding abandoned land to claim from your desk is looking for small plots of land sandwiched between two large plots. For example, the waste land near a motorway or railway line or near a large industrial complex. Small plots of land or strangely shaped plots are often easily forgotten by their owners and are often overlooked by the general public. These are the absolute best plots – land which is forgotten and in need to clearing! Therefore, though larger plots look more tempting, and are worth more money, don’t get greedy – stick with the smaller unloved plots to maximise your chance of success. Besides your getting land for free so no need to be picky!

Remember, everything on this site are tips only and are not legally accurate – always contact a lawyer before undertaking a claim or doing anything on the ground. We cannot guarantee you will be successful with your adverse possession journey and only help you save time with useful infomation and unregistered land mapping services. 

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